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Student Membership


Student Membership
This membership includes golf, practice facilities and house charging privileges to an individual aged 13 to 18, restricted tee times shall apply. House charging privileges are extend to the parents of the student member.  Membership is active from May - October each year, unless otherwise requested in writing.

Student golfers, age 13 to 18, may qualify for playing privileges through meeting and playing with the head professional or his designee.  During this meeting, the junior member must display the following competencies:

  1. Knowledge of proper golf etiquette.
  2. Knowledge of basic rules of play.
  3. Knowledge of proper golf course care.
  4. Knowledge of “pace of play” and the ability to move along.
Any student member who exhibits immaturity relative to the above guidelines may have his playing privileges suspended or revoked.

An exceptional student member under the age of 13 could also be granted playing privileges by the Golf Committee after the recommendation of the head professional.

Student members’ golf privileges can only be used during restricted times.
Student members must check in with the Golf Shop prior to playing.
Student members must obey all dress codes.

The Golf Pro will be in contact to schedule a day and time to meet.

Student Membership Annual Dues: $1,000.00
Fees subject to change.

Student Membership Application