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Golf Policies

Springfield Country Club Course Care Policies

Please be sure to apply proper course care to the Golf Course, as you are aware the goal is to leave it better for members behind you than you found it, ballmarks, divots and bunkers!

Springfield Country Club Tee Time Policies Full golf members will have access to tee times 14 days in advance at 7:00 AM. Social members will have access to tee times 7 days in advance.

Please utilize the web reservation system to make your tee times and fill out all of the names in your group.

Please cancel your tee times as early as possible, to allow other Members to enjoy the course.

WALK UP TIMES On the half hour of each hour there will be a “WALK UP” time. IE 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, etc.

These times will not be able to be booked in advance and will be available on the day of play.

Players will register for the walk up in person, in the Golf Shop.

In order to use all four slots of a walk up, all four players must be present at the time of registration. There will be NO WALK-UP times available: 

Mondays anytime

Tuesdays until after 11:30

Thursdays anytime OR anytime that there is a Club Event.


Springfield Country Club Guest Policies 

Guest Play will be restricted on certain days to ensure maximum enjoyment for our membership. 

Members can ONLY BRING ONE guest during the times below. Weekends and Holidays before 10:30 Fridays – Between 11-2 

Thursdays after 11:00

Any individual guest is limited to two rounds per month. 

Springfield Country Club Pace of Play Policy Pace of Play will be required to be 1 hour and 55 minutes for 9 holes and 3 hours and 50 minutes for 18 holes. Please do not put yourself in a group or a situation that makes that an impossibility. 

Springfield Country Club Golf Cart Policy Players will be required to ride two in a cart. Any player who fails to do so will be charged for both seats on the cart. The only exceptions to this rule are playing in a threesome, or if that player owns their cart and has paid a Trail Fee and the proper insurance to the club. 

Dress Code Please dress for Golf at the Club like you had a job interview during your Golf Game. That should cover it, any other situations will be taken on a case-by-case basis.