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Local Rules

Springfield Country Club Local Rules

White lines denote Ground Under Repair. 

Optional Drop Areas are in play on holes 6 and 7 for balls that enter the penalty area, please use closest drop area to point of entry.

Hole 11 Drop Area, providing the ball clears the pond and enters the penalty area on the far side of the cart path.

12th hole: If you have interference because of the cable, you may play the ball as it lies, or use the Immovable Obstruction Rule, or use the nearest drop area.

Relief from guard fence around 15th tee, use designated drop area, no penalty (Use Obstruction Rule).

8th Hole – Entire Right Side Penalty Area Can use the Drop Zone provided near the bottom of the slope on the right.

Drop Areas on Holes 9 and 18 for Shots in the decorative clubhouse plantings.


Instead of using the Stroke and Distance penalty you can choose to impart this Local Rule, which allows you drop Two Club Lengths onto the edge Fairway closest to where:

Your ball WENT Out of Bounds or

Your ball is DEEMED to be lost.

If your ball is Lost or OB over a green you may drop at the fairway edge at a point where the ball is equidistant from the hole from the point it was Lost or OB. 

If you choose to hit a provisional from your previous spot your provisional becomes “in play” and you forfeit your opportunity to utilize this rule. 

You can still go back and use the regular Stroke and Distance option and not use this OPTIONAL Local Rule. 

Remember it is now only 3 MINUTES to look for a ball.